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Demul Metal Slug 6 Blood On

Posted: October 10th, 2016, 10:50 pm
by Hierophant
In most Metal Slug games you can turn blood on in the service menu, as per my tutorial:

How To Turn Blood ON In Metal Slug - viewtopic.php?p=2893#p2893

Unfortunately, in Metal Slug 6 (for Atomiswave and playable on Demul) the service menu has no such option. However, there is a hidden way to activate it through the game's debug mode, as explained here:

DU: Atomisblood - ... ber=349901

It's quite tricky to do that method and the ready-made NVRAM files that I could find required a site login. Therefore, I wanted to make the files easily available to anyone by putting them on my Google Drive:

Metal Slug 6 NVRAM files with Blood On - ... sp=sharing

Extract that into Demul's nvram folder and embark on a proper blood-soaked adventure!