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retro core on you tube

Posted: June 30th, 2019, 1:34 pm
by nightshade
I found this guy on youtube has an Asian/British retro gamer that has tons of stuff even European and Asian computers and systems (check out the vid where he shows his gaming room......) its his index

but he has several series going like: battle of the ports .....he takes a title and plays every or almost every arcade console and computer version ...even some obscure never released versions thats been going for almost 6 years heres the list ... hwMuDu2Ols

Made in China: ever wonder if those clones /bootleg systems/portable emulation systems are worth it? well he reviews a new one every week or two .... and it's humorous and no holds barred (note youtube has it listed under the hardware tag on his homepage)

he has also has a series called gaming pickups where he tours various thrift shops and used game shops in japan ......

and one called "life in Japan" where he just carries a video camera around various places and things in Japan

he has the original retro core series 1-5 where he focused on various aspects of retro gaming ......

id figured people here would like it ....