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Bartop With Intel baytrail and Windows 10

Posted: February 27th, 2016, 12:13 pm
by dovellonsky
Excuse my English , im Italian OLD Gamers :)
I love gaming ... i love RETROGAMING ..
I chose Intel Bay Trail because I want a flexible machine that allows me each change quickly, and I wanted the maximum emulation, with the Raspberry romset is old and very CPS 2 games go to 30 FPS.
Intel Baytrail is ROCK !
With Intel Baytrail I have the same energy consumption of Raspberry .
Baytrail is on Mini PC, Intel Stick and many many Micro hardware like raspberry .

With Windows 10 I can use the latest roms Mame , and work AMAZING 60 FPS ROCK .
With WIndows Snes Emulator (Link on top) WORK ALL ROM , all roms .
Among the various sellers Chinese, the mini PC or Intel Stick we find them at a price of a Raspberry Kit .
This is the reason that prompted me to choose Intel + Windows .

I Can use Steam Games, Free PC Games, Old DOs Games (see launcbox )

Only one "problem" with Encoder if you want play windows game,
Encoder is not Xinput , but this is a nice tips to play

I did not understand what would be the advantage of using a raspberry

This is my bartop Thread ... t196889792

What do you think ?